• December 5, 2021

[WATCH] YES! You ARE Being Brainwashed, Astroturfed, Led By The Nose, And Here’s How!

Since 2009, the Tea Party uprising brought voice to the sleeping tiger in many Americans who were tired of being lied to, ignored, placated and patronized. And for decades previous, we have been conditioned to follow the lead on everything from energy conservation to health care. Our lives have been so regulated and conditioned by the suggestions and orchestrations that were/are to benefit big business, political parties, bureaucracies, … anything but our own individuality. That is, until, a small segment of the American populace stood up, broke ranks, to speak up and assert opposition to all of it.

Since that time the bureaucrats of government, big business, special interests have scrambled to reign it in, get control of the outrage, turn it around, harness the anger. And while the conservative uprising has been very good at breaking through the BS, we may still be victim to some of brainwashing/astroturfing, by those who hope to quash the movement. Watch this video. While it’s funny, and the stuff some think of as ‘conspiracy,’ it’s hard to argue with the fact that there is a wide network to control the messaging, and someone other than conservatives controls it.

And if you can dismiss this as harmless vernacular, think about what this kind of network can do to sell a message to a larger audience on issues such as, oh say, health care, gun control, tax initiatives, homosexual marriage, social issues, political philosophy? Watch this vid by Sheryl Atkison as she puts a fine point on some present day circumstances that have touched just about all of us. Maybe not conspiracy.

This is important stuff to know, for a movement that is trying to pull itself out of the snake den it has been drug into by the socialist beast, just waiting to consume our liberty. Most of us think we are pretty on top of the issue, but we may be being led astray within our own movement, by some we trust, who are really trying to put the skids on our fight to free ourselves from the socialist stranglehold.

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