• August 11, 2022

We Shook the Hillary Rodham Family Tree..Here’s What Fell Out

The media is trying to damage President Donald Trump by trying to tie his father to bigotry.  But if we are including ancestors why did Al Gore Jr suffer from contact with his father who tried to shut down the Civil Rights Act of 1964?  And what about Hillary’s family?

While in Iowa during the primaries, Hillary tried to make the case for illegal immigrants by saying that all four of her grandparents were immigrants.

The only problem is that 3 of her grandparents were born right here in the United States and the fourth one came here as a child. She has told about her grandmother immigrating to this country before:

My grandmother on my father’s side, Hanna Jones Rodham — by the way, insisted on using all 3 names despite what people in Scranton, Penn. might have thought at the time ― was one of those tough Methodist women who was never afraid to get her hands dirty. She traced her Methodism back to the Wesley brothers themselves, who converted her great grandparents in the small coal mining villages of Southern Wales. She immigrated with her family as a young girl to Scranton and went to work — very young―in a silk mill, and then she met and married my grandfather, who had also come to this country as a young man from the coalmining area in Newcastle, in England. He’d been laboring in the nearby lace factory since he was 13. They worked hard, they kept the faith, they lifted themselves up into the middle class, they brought property; and my grandmother Hanna managed the tenants and collected the rent. I have vivid memories of her final years when she was going blind, still braiding my hair in the morning, still reciting old hymns and giving me the direction for what I was to do that day. The world had changed so much during her lifetime, but it’s also changed during ours.

We’re not done yet.  Hillary recently gave a speech in Scranton, Pa on St Patrick’s Day.  In that speech she bragged about what great people her family was, but she failed to mention a couple.

Her grandfather’s brother ,  George Beale Rodham, who was a corrupt boss in Scranton.  Imagine a corrupt politician in her family.  Who would have thought that possible?

Rodham served two consecutive four-year terms, from 1942 through 1949, as a boss-like Scranton councilman-at-large, but in his second year in office he became entangled in a political scandal, involving corruption and vice.

A police raid on a private club in Rodham’s district uncovered illegal gambling. But George claimed his involvement was simply dirty politics, instigated by the city’s mayor who didn’t like him.

His son, Donald Rodham, told me that his father ran his political business clandestinely from the backyard of his Scranton home. ‘No one, including my mother, or I, was privy…My father would have all kinds of conversations out there…My dad would say to me, ‘Go in the house’…that occurred frequently.’

Hillary had an aunt who also was a local businessperson of sorts:

Enter Anna May Wittick Rodham, wife of councilman George Rodham’s brother, Robert Bell Rodham, a great uncle of Hillary’s, and one of the ne’er-do-well Rodhams – an alcoholic, the tenth of Jonathan and Isabelle Rodham’s brood.

With George Rodham’s political clout, Anna May – abandoned by her husband – opened a questionable hotel and a beer-and-gin joint in the heart of Scranton’s infamous red-light district – Rodham’s Hotel, on Franklin Avenue.

Sources familiar with Scranton’s history told me while I was researching my book that Hillary’s great-aunt by marriage might have been a madam, offering ‘a haven for ladies of the evening and their clientele who needed inexpensive short-term lodging’ – in other words Rodham’s Hotel was a probable place for a quickie between Johns and hookers, although no formal record existed.


Last but not least was her uncle the doctor:

One of the seemingly brightest and most successful of Hillary’s uncles was her father’s brother, Russell David Rodham, a physician. As Hillary’s bother, Tony, told me: ‘Uncle Russell was the genius of the family, and he died a terrible death.’

He was accepted at Jefferson Medical School, in Philadelphia, and was in a class in which one of the members devised the anti-acid Maalox. Rodham decided to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology, and had what a friend told me was a ‘brilliant future.’
But he also had a bit of a corrupt streak.
His roommate for a time and fellow intern, Dr Rudy Hecksher, told me: ‘Russell could manipulate things. He was a good operator, a good politician. I pictured him as a U.S. senator, or the next president of the United States.’

Members of Rodham’s medical circle were shocked when it was discovered that he pretended to be an accident ward doctor and spirited patients into a deserted examining room where he treated and charged them for his clandestine services, which was illegal and unethical.

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