What 10 advice life fixes would you give your younger self? [video]

Making mistakes at times can be un-avoidable, or are they? If you could go back in time what are the most important pieces of advice you would share with the younger you? Of course, the first things to come to mind might be about avoiding the one girl or guy who was totally bad news. Maybe you would say stay clear of that disastrous “Hey y’all watch this moment” life wrenching moment. Watch this video and see if you can relate and read some of the article  advice life tips and share your own.


Well now that you are 10, 15 or even 20 years beyond your wild and adventurous teenage or young adult years, you may feel wiser and yes even more responsible. But with all of that life learning under your belt what are the top 10 pieces of advice that you would share with the teen you that would have improved your life journey?

To be fair, you probably know the past you better than you might think. So being too preachy might not be the best tactic to use. So why not have a do and don’t do list of your best life course corrections?

Ok, let’s be positive. Here are some possible do’s:

• Value yourself and your ideas and never stop working on your self-worth and believing in your ideas
• Give yourself a daily hug and practice living with confidence in your life choices and life directions
• Trust your gut and walk away from that female or male charmer even if your emotions are getting the best of you. Put a mental bag over that
person and imagine that love interest in 20 years and 40 – 60 pounds heavier
• Save money for a rainy day, week, month and even year. Always wait 72 hours before you make breathtaking impulse buy the reality you will
• Give yourself permission to say no to friends, family and even yourself. Saying no allows you to set boundaries that mean something now and
• Allow yourself to be patient and stop rushing into every interaction, relationship or even personal involvement as if it will vaporize if you
don’t do it now. its’ ok if you do no have everything figured out, Value taking a breath and allowing your heart and mind to take a mental breath

Here are some possible don’t dos:

• Don’t be reckless and take risky chances. They never end well. A risk can be good if it is well thought out and you probably have the life
bruises to show the difference
• Don’t burn your bridges with friends, family, employers or co-workers. When you burn too many bridges you end up isolated and you can never
cross back over them again
• Don’t be insincere or a flake. Being honest, truthful counts and if people can’t trust you then your relationships will be hollow and their
respect for you will be flushed down the life toilet
• Don’t be afraid to lose friends or feel heartbroken when a loved one walks out of your life. Life is about changes and work on improving how
you relate to the next friend or next love interest
• Don’t let people bring your down or try to hurt your self-image. You are in control of your life and how you value it is up to you and not
them. Ditch them if they are negative or devalue you or your dreams
• Don’t let yesterday’s problems determine your present or future. Make every day a new wonderful challenge that you begin with a whole new you!

Ok, now that you have looked over the list consider adding a few of your own and share with our readers. Who knows, maybe in the next 20 or 30 years you will be able to send a hologram message to your past self.

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