• July 19, 2024

What Americans Need After Obama

They lost. And they still can’t get over it.

Still smarting from an historic trouncing in November, Leftistas are doing what they do best in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s historic win: whining. Having a collective meltdown. Playing the Blame Game. Trying to pin their epic loss on everything from racism and sexism to Russian hackers, James Comey, and a dearth of crayons.

Don’t be too hard on these dear hearts. The safe spaces, milk-and cookies-crowd doesn’t know any better. Thinks Hillary deserves a participation ribbon. Couldn’t find “Electoral College” in the U.S. Constitution with a two-day head start.

In between canceling classes and stocking up on coloring books over the *trauma* of a Trump win, Leftistas refuse to consider the obvious: Maybe, just maybe, Americans rejected their failed policies and politics because they fail. Because they’re not buying the PC claptrap, trickle-down government nannyism and European-style socialist state delusions of grandeur peddled by Leftistas since just after the Pleistocene Age.

Fielding the most most corrupt presidential candidate in modern history probably didn’t help, either.

In fact, thinking Americans of good will saw what the Obamanian/Clintonian version of “fundamentally transform America” looks like – Detroit – and said, “No, thanks.” They rejected that legacy that includes:

  • Turning our military into a Petri dish for social experimentation
  • Declaring war on those who refuse to bow down and worship at the PC altar du juor
  • Skyrocketing Obamacare costs with deductibles so high, you can’t afford to use your brought-to-you-by-Barack and Friends “healthcare coverage.” Good luck on finding a doc who accepts it. (We tried to tell you so)
  • Emboldening ISIS
  • A southern border that leaks like a sieve
  • Using the U.S. Constitution to line the bottom of Oval Office bird cages
  • A “foreign policy” – in the rare instances when The Man Who Would Be Jack Nicklaus could be hauled off the links to pay attention – that can be summed up in one word: Aleppo.
  • Pecksniffian lectures about “uniting” by D-grade Tinseltowners (Hi, Martin Sheen)

Oh, and while sneeringly dismissing millions of decent, God-fearing, hard-working, tax-paying Americans as “basket of deplorables” Neanderthals may have been one of the few genuine monologues from the Marquise de Kleptocratia, it wasn’t exactly a stroke of campaign genius, was it?

And the party that hasn’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson wonders why it lost, while Leftistas caterwaul about Hamilton Electors and “Voting your conscience”? Remember the reaction to a certain senator from Texas who said “vote your conscience’” at the RNC convention last summer, when doing so was an epithet? Let me count the Leftista hypocrisies. But I repeat myself. (The good news amid these “Duh” moments: Sheen & Company just discovered their “conscienceand the “Founding Fathers.” Talk about a two-fer!)

Well, Leftistas, thinking Americans are on to you. If you still can’t figure out why you – gasp! – lost at the ballot box, here’s a tip (throwin’ this in for free): Put down the tofu, catch the next solar-powered, climate sensitive, 100% environmentally friendly transport out of La La Land – like an ox cart- and take a good, hard look in the nearest mirror.

If the Mirror Czar can’t be found, kindly consider: You lost because Americans are sick of you.  Indeed, after eight+ long years of being muzzled, mocked, ignored and otherwise demonized by a community organizer whose administration really was the JayVee team, thinking Americans delivered a stinging rebuke to Leftista La La Land-isms. Nope, we’re not interested in becoming another European socialist state, thank you very much. Or cowering before ISIS. Dividing over race, creed, color, or which bathroom to use. Ditto an encore of the Obama Do Nothing Doctrine. (That worked so well in Syria, didn’t it?)

So in case you missed it the first time around, dear Leftistas, let me break it to you this way: We won. You lost. Don’t like that? Tough bouncies. Go grab your blankie. Find your therapist. Chug-a-lug some more Kool Aid de Soros. Not that any of that will help you grow up or get over your silly selves. But it may soothe thy tender sensibilities and stave off your next blue flunk when America finally starts back down the road to sanity and seriosity on January 20, 2017.

Because here’s a little newsflash for you: We’re Americans. We lead. Innovate. Create. Advance. Achieve. Accomplish and excel. We did “build that.” All we need from the federal government is Article I, Section 8 – and to get the hell out of our way.

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