What counts as cheating and what are the keys signs to look for [video]

There is an old phrase that has governed many a relationship demise for one partner on the cusp of a break up: If it feels like cheating then it is. This video addresses that notion and many others in order to open up the relationship hornets’ nest. See if you agree, disagree or have your own measurements as well.


Once a cheater always a cheater. Well that may have some validity but for some relationship partners, could the cheating be a signal that you and your significant other are just not fit for the long haul? Maybe you can take a step back and examine what are the type of partners you are drawn to and if there were cheaters in the mix in past relationships.

Ok, according to Truth About Deception here are some clues to be on the lookout for if your partner, friend with benefits or spouse is seriously on the hunt for a hookup:

• Engages in sexual talk with someone else
• Spends increasingly more time with specific individuals
• Purchases intimate gifts and presents for others
• Chat online with someone else and especially late at night or when the other partner is not around
• Exchanges personal e-mails or text messages
• Suddenly become best friends with someone of the opposite sex
• Share their most private thoughts and feelings with someone else and vice versa
• Makes sudden improvement in appearance, clothing and hairstyle
• Suddenly locks phone and access to photos and online messages

Before you watch the advice or add your own clues to the list after the article, maybe if this relationship does not work out, begin the next with a serious discussion about what constitutes a relationship. Don’t be vague because if you are you are simply opening the door to be cheated on in the next relationship hook up.

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