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University of Wisconsin Employees Sue State To Pay For Gender Reassignment Surgery

Two male employees of the University of Wisconsin are suing the state to force them to pay for whacking off their weenies.  The two were horrified to find out their state insurance policy doesn’t cover the costs of gender reassignment surgery.  How about a compromise?  Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Lorena Bobbitt.  The ACLU is assisting with the lawsuit naturally.  The pair are suing the University, it’s board of regents and some insurers.  Doubtlessly, they will argue that it’s necessary for their mental health.  In my opinion it won’t help.

 The two plaintiffs are Shannon Andrews, a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, and Alina Boyden, a teaching assistant in the anthropology department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

he lawsuit claims that health insurance plans offered by the University of Wisconsin system “single out transgender employees for unequal treatment by categorically depriving them of all medical care for gender dysphoria, a serious medical condition codified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and International Classification of Diseases.”

Andrews described the state’s decision not to pay for sex changes as “clearly discrimination.”

“Many people can relate to paying into an insurance plan only to be told that the treatment they need is not covered,” Andrews said in a statement obtained by the Journal Sentinel.

It’s not clear if Andrews believes these “many people” are similarly subjected to discrimination.

A spokesman for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defended the state’s policy on providing sex changes at taxpayer expense. The state’s policy “is a reasonable measure that protects taxpayers from funding sex changes for state employees and complies with both state and federal law,” the spokesman, Tom Evenson, told the Journal Sentinel.


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