• May 27, 2024

What is Your Terror IQ? Have You Added Up The Terrorists


We all know that there have been terror attacks this past year, but how much have you thought about the numbers?  Take My Quiz Before You Read My Article:

1 How many ISIS terrorists get arrested in the United States over the past year?


2  How many attacks have there been in the past year? (This one is easy)


3  How many people have died over the past year?


4  How many have been wounded the past year?



1  (31)

2  (3)

3  (63)

4  (81)

Those are some really sobering numbers there.  And that was just one year and we have a president who refuses to acknowledge Islamic Extremism.   And did you also know that there has been at least 1 terrorist attack on our shores every year of Obama’s regime?  Those they wave off as lone wolf, non religious, workplace violence attacks and of course perpetrated only by a card carrying member of the NRA and who only coincidentally have been Muslims.

From The Daily Caller:

The suspected terrorists have been arrested for crimes ranging from planing to travel overseas to join ISIS fighters to soliciting the killing of American soldiers. Those arrested range from a 15 year old too young to be named to a former Army National Guardsman.

The arrests almost all share one thing in common: the involvement of a FBI confidential informant. For example, former National Guard member Mohamed Bailor Jalloh, 26, was in contact with a confidential informant for months prior to his July arrest. Jalloh praised the perpetrator of the Chattanooga, TN attack to the informant and sought to carry out his own.

When Jalloh thought he was sending money over to an ISIS contact he was in fact giving to an undercover FBI agent. Jalloh travelled to Virginia to buy a gun but was denied due to a lack of proper identification. When he subsequently returned with the right IDs he bought a rifle that was rendered inoperable and Jalloh was arrested the next day.

Not surprisingly, the Obama administration isn’t allowing the immigration status of the arrested terrorists.  Whenever this administrations holds something back, you know it has to be bad.  The three attacks this year attributed to ISIS includes the San Bernardino shooting, a stabbing attack at a California university, and the Orlando shooting.  All of those terrorists were killed and not counted as arrested.

Remember one thing.  The numbers I gave you is for ISIS only and does not include attacks or arrests made by Al Qaeda.

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