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What The DOJ IS Doing To People Who OPPOSE Critical Race Theory Is Absolutely Sickening!

There are many parents in our country that are completely against critical race theory being taught in schools and for all the right reasons. This program is incredibly racist and it does all that it can to teach kids to hate people with a lighter complexion.

There is no reason that this should be taught in classes at all since it holds not one ounce of educational merit, but this is about education persay.

This is all about continuing to brainwash the youth and pit people against each other in their leftist’s goal to destroy the nation from within.

As mentioned above, parents are obviously upset over this curriculum being pushed and are protesting its implementation, and that doesn’t have Biden’s administration happy one bit.

Now, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is directing the FBI to investigate violent threats against school officials and teachers for the backlash to the overtly racist Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools across the nation. On Monday, the attorney general released a memo: “Justice Department Addresses Violent Threats Against School Officials and Teachers.” It provided details on the DOJ’s operations.


“Citing an increase in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence against school board members, teachers and workers in our nation’s public schools, today Attorney General Merrick B. Garland directed the FBI and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices to meet in the next 30 days with federal, state, Tribal, territorial and local law enforcement leaders to discuss strategies for addressing this disturbing trend,” the DOJ said. “These sessions will open dedicated lines of communication for threat reporting, assessment and response by law enforcement.”

“Threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values,” wrote Attorney General Garland. “Those who dedicate their time and energy to ensuring that our children receive a proper education in a safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety.”

The attorney general did not clarify how teaching that people are inherently victims or victimizers because of the color of their skin is a “proper education in a safe environment.”

“According to the Attorney General’s memorandum, the Justice Department will launch a series of additional efforts in the coming days designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel,” the press release continued. “Those efforts are expected to include the creation of a task force, consisting of representatives from the department’s Criminal Division, National Security Division, Civil Rights Division, the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys, the FBI, the Community Relations Service and the Office of Justice Programs, to determine how federal enforcement tools can be used to prosecute these crimes, and ways to assist state, Tribal, territorial and local law enforcement where threats of violence may not constitute federal crimes.”

“The Justice Department will also create specialized training and guidance for local school boards and school administrators,” it continued. “This training will help school board members and other potential victims understand the type of behavior that constitutes threats, how to report threatening conduct to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and how to capture and preserve evidence of threatening conduct to aid in the investigation and prosecution of these crimes.”

“Threats of violence against school board members, officials, and workers in our nation’s public schools can be reported by the public to the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center (NTOC) via its national tip line (1-800-CALL-FBI) and online through the FBI website (,” the DOJ added. “To ensure that threats are communicated to the appropriate authorities, NTOC will direct credible threats to FBI field offices, for coordination with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and law enforcement partners as appropriate. Reporting threats of violence through NTOC will help the federal government identify increased threats in specific jurisdictions as well as coordinated widespread efforts to intimidate educators and education workers.”

Of course, the DOJ has averted answering why this particular curriculum would draw the ire of parents. They would rather continue to goad these parents and gaslight them into more anger and then when they snap they say “oh, see how racist and crazy they are?”

It is disgusting to see this type of behavior coming from the top of our law enforcement but here we are.

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