• April 19, 2024

What These Teens Did to Their Neighborhood was Almost Unexplainable

Centennial residents are calling it something “you just don’t see anymore.”

“My daughter came and woke us up and said, ‘look outside,’” Darcy Peterson told KUSA-TV. “I mean, I can’t believe it. I cannot believe it.”

A group of Colorado teenagers decided to wake up early on Sunday and shovel the driveways and walkways of more than 50 homes in their neighborhood.

The random act of kindness came after six teenagers decided to wake up at 6 30 am Sunday to shovel some snow.

“We wanted to get out before anyone woke up,” said Nick Mirabella, one of the teenagers. “We just felt it was a really good idea to serve the whole neighborhood.”

The teens posted a flyer on the front doors of more than 50 homes that read “You’ve been served.”

“You just don’t see that in this day and age,” said Jeff Mostellar, another local resident. “They did everything. The whole driveway, the stoop, the whole sidewalk up to the fence.”

Parents in the neighborhood were so grateful that they offered the teens a cash reward, but the teenagers refused. That’s when the parents gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse: hot chocolate.

After the teens finished their good deed, they enjoyed an afternoon filled with multiple rounds of hot chocolate and sledding down a nearby hill.

“It’s just kind of the best way I think we could spend a Sunday,” Mirabella added.

Sources: KUSA-TV / Photo Credit: Screenshot from 9News

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