• December 11, 2023

When ‘The Knockout Game Goes’ Wrong… I Mean Really, REALLY WRONG! [WATCH]

Use whatever weapon you  have available. Is that a cane? Ouch…

Do you ever wonder what causes a phenomenon like the knockout game to get started? It has to be a combination of cruelty, boredom, and ignorance. What kind of background are people who engage in the knockout game from? I remember being young and having a warped sense of right and wrong, but never anything like this.

The term, “knockout game,” started in the United States, and was coined by the news media to define a scenario where once person, with accomplices or lookouts, attempts to knock out an unsuspecting victim with a single, sucker punch. There are some other names for the game, such as knockout, knockout king, point ’em out, knock ’em out, bomb, polar-bearing, or polar bear hunting. It is thought that the term polar bear is used to denote white people as targets for the knock out.

People have been seriously injured as a result of this game and some have even died. The number of knockout game attacks escalated in 2013 and some attackers were even charged with a hate crime. There are politicians seeking to create legislation that is more heavy-handed in punishing the knockout game. Some liberals claim that coverage of the game is falsely promoted by racist conservatives. Conservatives claim that the liberal media does not report the game accurately in an attempt to make excuses in cases where the knockouts are delivered by minorities.

In any event, the practice is disturbing, and often the victims are elderly. In some cases, the game does not go as planned for the attacker. If a sucker punch is the only thing you have in your arsenal, you could be in trouble if the person, for whatever reason, does not go down immediately.  What do you do if they fight back?

Take a look at how things went down for this knockout game player:


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