• September 30, 2022

White Privilege Raises Money For Mother of Cop Shooter


The 17th Annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) began it’s 17th annual meeting in Philadelphia and they had four scheduled speakers, Jasiri X, an activist hip-hopper from Pittsburgh, and Yusef Salaam, a man wrongly convicted of rape in NYC, a member of the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice, who last week interrupted a speech by Bill Clinton and Delphine Matthews,  mother of Frank McQueen, who was killed after shooting a cop in Chester, Pa, near Philadelphia.  Matthews claims her son did not shoot the cop(Naturally, he’e such a good boy with a rap sheet a mere five pages in length.

From The Daily Caller:

“On June 2, 2014, my son was shot over 20 times,” she said. “They said he shot an officer. I don’t know.”

“I know my son did not shoot an officer,” she continued to an enraptured audience. “I would bet my life he did not shoot an officer.” She acknowledged that McQueen had a prior criminal record (his rap sheet was five pages long), but said he was no longer a threat to society when he was shot.
“He paid for his mistakes. He did a 360-degree turn,” Matthews said, although she didn’t say her son had actually been arrested just a couple weeks before his death for violating a restraining order.  (Let me point out that doing a 360 turn has you heading in the same direction you were as opposed to 180 where you head the other way)

Matthews did acknowledge the restraining order itself, though, saying that when he was shot, McQueen was at the home of the woman who had the restraining order against him. The very reason police ended up shooting McQueen was they had been called to the house after the woman reported a domestic violence incident.

“The girl had a restraining order, but from what I gather, she invited him over,” Matthews said. “And when most of you guys are in love with a girl, regardless of a restraining order, if she said ‘Come on over, let’s reconcile, let’s get things together,’ some of you guys are gonna come.”

The White Privilege Conference gave her a thousand dollars and urged the audience to contact Matthews and donate to her.




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