• May 24, 2024

Why Are So Many Unmarked 737s Flying to Area 51?

BH14FM Janet Airlines Terminal at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada.
BH14FM Janet Airlines Terminal at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The red and white planes are unmarked and several of them have their own terminal at the Las Vegas Airport.  Stranger still, they fly only one route.  They fly to the secretive Area 51 and back to Vegas.  It has sparked all kinds of conspiracy theories.  Personally, I think the planes are bringing carryout from the famous buffets to the aliens who are not allowed to leave the terminal at Area 51.  I mean after a while you get tired of KFC and Papa John’s.

Adding to the mystery is the large mushroom cloud that was filmed rising above Area 51 last April:

The top secret military base was bought up by the US government in 1955 and was only acknowledged for the first time in 2005

Some conspiracy theorists believe it is the site of an alien crash landing in the 1950s

The pilots and crew who make the Las Vegas to Area 51 are sworn to secrecy and are not allowed to talk about what their missions entail.  But , does it really involve extraterrestrials?  Of course it doesn’t.  Area 51 is a military testing area and thus it’s operations are hush hush.  The rumors that Area 51 was set up to hide an alien spaceship that crashed near there has been around since the 1950 s.  The military probably even encouraged that thinking.  As long as people were preoccupied with nonexistent aliens, they weren’t trying to find out the real purpose of the area.

Liberals today use the same strategy.  As long as conservatives give credence to their wild conspiracy theories, they are not paying attention to what is really going on and thus can’t stop the liberals.  The flights are run by the Air Force and that’s what you would expect from any government testing grounds for new or improved weapons.

Let’s face facts, even if there ever was aliens, living or dead at Area 51, they would have been moved to a secret location long ago.  Belief in conspiracy theories is for the weak minded.


I rest my case.


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