• September 22, 2023

Why is college paying students to take racist ‘White Privilege’ and BLM courses?


Socially acceptable racial division and self-hate is being offered as an honors class on the campus of Sam Houston State University in Texas (SHSU).  According to the Daily Caller, students can receive a scholarship of up to $2,800 to students who take these courses and are even given special access to a special computer center, as an added bonus.  Only liberal college administrators would believe racial self-hate and racist BLM rhetoric is acceptable college coursework.

Yet, there it is right on this college campus students who are admitted to the Honors College can sign up for courses earlier than their non-Honors peers, and become part of the liberal warrior indoctrinating elite upon graduation.  If these students somehow manage to excel in this ‘White Privilege’ BLM course they received a bonus of having access to cameras, video cameras, and laptops for their class projects.  How wonderful: Race hate pays on college campus.

It appears the purpose of the class is the “Understanding Whiteness: Historic and Contemporary Viewpoints on Privilege.” The course work demands that students, “engage in personal self-reflection” and “educate others about white privilege through action research projects and community engagement initiatives,” reported the Daily Caller.

Next on the class course work agenda to teach the art of race guilt is the Black Lives Matter (BLM) segment of this divisive indoctrination.  The coursework presupposes that Americans should accept at face value the racist tirades of BLM leaders who link policing to racism and black incarceration to White privilege.

The class seminar focuses on the need to address “racial violence, mass incarceration, and dehumanizing social policies directed at African Americans.”  What is seriously missing from the seminar’s description is how BLM ignores black-on-black crime, historic black educational dropout rates in black led education systems, and single-parent households led by mothers whose husbands or irresponsible baby daddies have flown the coup.

In the end, if college students on this campus or any other college campus wants to study the impact of so-called ‘White Privilege’ and BLM, it might be a smart idea to examine the privilege behind the leaders of these movements and see how tied to reality they truly are.


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