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Why Leftistas Rate a ‘Thank You’ For Response to A Trump Winy

It’s no secret that “progressives” – affectionately dubbed “Leftistas” – are in disarray after cratering in the last election. These poor dears are shocked – shocked! that they didn’t win in November. So they’re protesting! Rioting! Demanding useless recounts! Filling up their coloring books!


While I’m not necessarily a big fan of Il Trumpo, I figure he must be doing something right to have the tofu-munching, croissant-crunching, crayola-clutching tolerance goons so riled. Ditto every Tinseltown buffoon who blustered about fleeing to Canada if Trump got elected (please, God).

To be fair, the Meltdown Brigade deserves a bouquet of thanks. Why? Because their reaction to a Trump presidency – gasp! – is showing the whole world exactly who they are. Laying bare the mind-numbing deficiencies and failures of their politics and policies. Exposing their onion-thin-skin. Galactic hypocrisy. Who the true bigots are. And that someone needs a mommy very badly.

Yea, verily. Post-election Leftista temper tantrums and propaganda media meltdowns may be the best entertainment since Romper Room. Can you say, “Hamilton Electors”?

Now, I don’t wish to offend any tender Leftista sensibilities over thy thrashing at the ballot box. But here are a couple words of advice for thee (throwin’ this in for free, so you oughtta like this):

Grow up.

Btw, how’s your crayola stash? Need more Play-Do? Safe spaces and therapy pups? Because you kinda look – and sound – like:


While we’re on the subject – sort of – guess what, dear Leftistas? Thinking Americans are sick of you. You spent the last eight years or so demonizing anyone who dares to disagree with your version of King Obama and Clinton-elot. You’ve been so busy nursing Obama/Clinton/Progressive delusions of grandeur, you can’t handle the truth (cue Jack Nicholson). So here it is:

You lost. Cratered. Crashed and burned.

Get over it.

So thank you again for demonstrating what colossal fools and failures you are. For losing like a bunch of whiney two year-olds. For demonstrating how utterly vacuous your version of faux ‘equality’ – agree with you or else – really is. In short, thanks for being such class acts, as always. Cough.

Because guess what else? Thinking Americans of good will are fed up. Sick of the Ist/Phobe Brigade who can’t come up with an original argument to save their lives but keep mindlessly chanting the Racist, sexist, bigot, Isla/Homo/Xenophobe mantra – in between naps and milk and cookies. We’re also sick of:

  • Being plastered with the “hate” label over honest differences of opinion by some of the most vile, hateful people in the county
  • Government-imposed “Tolerance”
  • Race-baiting
  • Jesse Jackson and Joy Behar trying to be relevant.
  • Michael Moore masquerading as a semi-literate third grader.
  • Van Jones pretending he’s an American.
  • Pecksniffian sermonizing about faux “equality”

And just in case you missed it, Leftistas, thinking Americans of good will are also sick of the PC claptrap you’ve been peddling since just after the invention of dirt. We rejected it and you at the polls. Translation for Leftistas: We rejected it and you at the polls.

So get over it again. While you’re at it, here’s another tip: Instead of pitching a collective conniption fit over a Trump presidency, why don’t you take a good, hard look at your own politics and policies and figure out what they earned an Epic Fail in November?

In the meantime, thanks for making potted plants look smart. And for showing us that progressive emperors really do have no clothes.

Keep up the good work.


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