• April 15, 2024

Wife is Told to Say Goodbye to Husband After Stroke, But Knows They Are Wrong

After her husband suffered a severe stroke at age 37, doctors on the east side of the state told Danielle Hawkins he likely would never regain consciousness.

Scott would never again look into her eyes. Never say “I love you.” Never squeeze her hand.

And most certainly, he would never function normally. There would be no more trips to music festivals, no more strumming his guitar, no more family trips.

Danielle listened to the prognosis. But she never believed it.

Perhaps this is a story about medical miracles. Or perhaps it’s a love story, starring a woman who believed in her husband so completely that love conquered all. Or it’s a story of a man whose body was broken, but whose determined spirit resonated so deeply that in the end, life and love mattered most.

The story begins on an April day as Danielle attended a class in a neighboring county and Scott stayed home with their children at their Durand residence.

“He called me and he was slurring his words,” Danielle recalled. “He said he had an intense headache and that something was wrong. We both called 911. He got through before I did.”

When emergency medical crews loaded Scott into the ambulance, his blood pressure spiked, causing fluid in the lungs,” Danielle said. “It was just very, very bad.” She paused. A long pause. “Sometimes it’s hard to talk about it.”

They intubated him in the ambulance. When the couple arrived at the Flint-area hospital, medical professionals encouraged her to call family members. They told her Scott would probably not make it through the night.

“His oxygen levels were in the 60s and 70s. They told me they should be above 90,” Danielle said. “But he did make it through the night.”

That small accomplishment laid the footing for what would become a huge uphill climb. Scott had suffered a burst arteriovenous malformation aneurysm near his brain stem. The aneurysm, which had been with him since birth, caused a stroke.

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