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Is A Third Party Candidate In America’s Future? The GOP Hates Him. The Media Hates Him. But He’s Still On Top!

The GOP hates him and maybe even fears him. The media despises him, but he’s still leading the polls, despite of the controversial things he says. Even the “right” wing media is bashing Trump and labeling him as a faux conservative.


PJ Media cited a Brietbart statement denouncing Trump as a false conservative.

I’m no fan of Donald Trump. Not because I think he’s a loudmouth (which he is), or because he’s extremely rude (ditto), but because he ain’t no conservative. Conservative hero Andrew Breitbart (one of my mentors and friends who, sadly, passed away at a very young age, leaving a beautiful family behind), said so years ago, and what he said back then is still true today. Trump is anti-illegal immigration… and that’s just about everything that’s “conservative” about him.

Having said that, the guy naturally has the right to try to win the Republican nomination. It’s up to the base to see through his act and support an actual and reliable conservative. I’m convinced that, in time, they’ll do just that. Yes, some sympathize with him, but they’ll support other candidates when they find out who Trump really is.

This video of Fox and Friends grills Trump over his illegal immigrant comments and poll position.

This RealClearPolitics article/video shows Anderson Cooper taking on Trump, and not fairing so well as he tries to take him down a notch or two. But again, Trump states the obvious:

Trump to Anderson Cooper During Interview: “The People Don’t Trust You And The Media”

CNN Politics highlights what might be the reason why the GOP and the media is so afraid of. Will Trump run as an independent if he doesn’t get the nomination?

Republicans dreaming of shooing away Donald Trump may want to think twice.

By publicly rebuking the billionaire businessman for his inflammatory comments, the party may convince Trump to launch a third-party candidacy.

That’s a potential nightmare scenario for the GOP establishment: a populist outsider with unlimited resources attacking their nominee from the right in the general election, raising hell — and attracting votes — with his rhetoric on issues like illegal immigration.

Ralph Nader, who has run for president multiple times as a third-party candidate and may have cost Democrat Al Gore the 2000 election by running to his left, said Republicans mishandle Trump at their own peril.

“The Republican Party establishment is playing with nitroglycerine when it goes after Donald Trump and tries to minimize him and exclude him,” Nader said in an interview Thursday. “Because a jilted Donald Trump as a third-party candidate can blow the presidential race wide open and turn it into a three way race.”

Trump has become a favorite punching bag since launching his White House campaign last month, angering fellow Republicans by questioning Sen. John McCain’s status as a war hero last week.

Trump has fired back at the criticism — especially a rebuke from the typically-neutral Republican National Committee. He’s repeatedly declined to rule out a third-party White House run, saying in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper earlier this month that he’s constantly being asked to run as an independent. This week, he told The Hill that his decision will depend on “how I’m being treated by the Republicans.”

Here’s the latest RealClearPolitics Polling. Trump leads the pack with Bush coming in nearly 5 points behind him.

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