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Wife Tells Husband She Inherited a Fortune..Here’s Where the Money Really Came From [VIDEO]

A woman who had been married for six years and posted many pictures of her husband and children seemed to be living a great life.  She had told her husband that she had inherited a large sum of money and it made life easier for their family, but all was not how it seemed.



When they first met, she told her husband that she did private exotic dancing and she says he was okay with that.  Then he caught her on camera having sex with another man.  He forgave her.  He then caught her again and kicked her out of the house.

She wasn’t just cheating, she was cheating for pay.  She made a video that accompanied her visit to Dr Phil.  She said she had been working as a paid escort since she was fourteen.

From IJR:

Marcedes told the world that she has been sleeping with men for money since she was 14 years old. She later told Dr. Phil that she felt as though her mom had forced her into prostitution at a young age:

“I did what I had to do. I did what… I’ve also known how to do it. I started at a very young age, manipulating men, about 14 when my mom was an alcoholic and couldn’t afford to pay the bills and knew a 68-year-old man who wanted a young girl and I moved in with him.”

Marcedes claims her mom “basically” pimped her out, although the mother never forced her daughter to do any of it.

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