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Trump to Reveal SCOTUS Pick on Tues. Night..Dems to Denounce Candidate on Tues. Morning

Donald Trump says he has made up his mind who to nominate for the Supreme Court on Tuesday night.  But the democrats won’t wait that long.  They will assign a number of liberals to denounce the three probable choices for the court.  Remember when Harry Reid declared that the surge in Iraq had failed before a single soldier was sent there?


The reason they will do this is to get a jump on the court of public opinion and to let their paid protesters know what the talking points will be,  Because no matter who President Trump nominates will have one characteristic liberals hate.  They adhere to what is written in the constitution.  Liberals prefer “penumbra” also known as clouds and shadows, that was used to decide the Roe v Wade decision.  It was surmised that the right to have an abortion is somehow hidden in the constitution.  It must be well hidden because no one has found it yet.

From The Gateway Pundit:

The Democratic party is in ruins losing over 1,000 seats nationwide to the disaster that was the Obama Administration and Republicans have started falling in line with President Trump to Make America Great Again.

The Senate GOP has a message for the Democrats: Like it or not, we are going to fill the Supreme Court seat with or with you.

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