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Will Biden Be Removed From Office After Failing To Meet 70% Vaccination Goal?

There have been rumors for years, that there are globalists that want nothing more than to depopulate the earth.

The reason being is that they feel that there are just too many on this earth and that we are taking precious resources from the ones they feel are more worthy.

If you take a moment and think about it, it totally sounds plausible considering the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger was a vocal eugenicist and racist.

Over the years, these evil individuals have infiltrated their way into all facets of our life and they continue to do so but u der the guise of helping people.

From the medical community to the very food we eat, these globalists are poisoning the masses.

The latest COVID-19 vaccine is a prime example of that nefarious thinking which is why there has been such a huge push to have the entire human race vaccinated.

The thought process is that the strong will survive while weeding out the weaker bloodlines.

The plan was to have 70% of the Americans vaccinated but they are below that mark by not just a little but a lot.

Now, it appears that the Globalists are disappointed in Biden’s inability to exterminate the required number of Americans and is looking to push him out.

According to the CDC, only 56.1% of US adults are now “fully vaccinated,” a number that’s far from the 70% goal demanded of Biden. This goal was handed to the Biden / Harris regime in the same way similar goals have been demanded of other nations, including Canada, Australia, etc. As part of their global depopulation/extermination agenda, globalists have demanded that nations meet high vaccination uptake rates by specific deadlines. The deadlines are intended to ensure that billions of people are fully vaccinated before the masses come to realize the vaccines are biological weapons containing spike protein nanoparticles which are designed to cause deaths and infertility as part of a twisted globalist agenda to “save the planet.”

The truth can’t be covered up forever, and just today the FDA announced it would add a warning on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines due to the risk of deadly heart inflammation that continues to strike young, healthy men.

The sheer desperation of Biden and Harris is now obvious in their own actions, with Kamala Harris begging democrat voters to harass unvaccinated people by knocking on their doors and demanding they all get vaccinated. This is a kind of “coercion by proxy” that seeks to recruit obedient sheeple to be vaccine enforcers. This effort has failed, of course, which means Biden has just a few weeks remaining to ratchet up the vaccine tyranny and push for more aggressive means of vaccine compliance, possibly including forced vaccines at gunpoint (if they dare take it that far).

If he triggers that approach, however, the backlash will be swift. Americans won’t accept being forcibly injected at gunpoint with an experimental medical intervention. Thus, the Biden / Harris regime will clearly fail to reach its 70% goal. Once this is confirmed on July 4th, it means things will be set into motion to remove Biden from power. Watch for Biden to be forced to step down due to “health reasons.”

Try as they might, anti-human, anti-American globalists can’t convince conservatives and Christians to commit vaccine suicide

This doesn’t necessarily mean that what comes next is any better, of course. The anti-human globalists currently running the Joe Biden Alzheimer’s presidency will only support a replacement that they believe can somehow convince tens of millions of conservatives across America to be injected with deadly spike protein bioweapons. Kamala Harris clearly isn’t that person, as she is the very opposite of charismatic and tends to invoke reviled hatred in every person she attempts to lecture.

Convincing conservatives across America to be injected with a deadly bioweapon will likely require the assurances of a trusted conservative who already has a high standing in the minds of the conservative masses. Is that person Trump? Possibly, but it’s too early to tell. In my assessment, the globalists are going to fail in this because any conservative that starts urging people to get vaccines will instantly lose credibility and be seen as a backstabbing traitor. (Mike Pence sounds perfect for that role.)

Thus, the next question becomes: What do the globalists unleash next, after America fails to meet the 70% vaccination target?

The likely answer is they move ahead with the next phase anyway.

The vaccine deaths were just a softening-up phase, preparing for the final war to take down America

That next phase, according to my sources, is likely to include a combination of economic and cyber warfare against America, the aggressive pushing of internal strife and race wars (via the journo-terrorist media), and targeted assassinations of pro-America patriots (McAfee, anyone?). The cyber warfare component is likely to target the power grid infrastructure in an attempt to plunge America into darkness and chaos. I fully expect a heightened number of cyber warfare attacks on America within the next 90 days.

Once America is sufficiently weakened from within, both Chinese and Russian troops will be activated within America, combined with troops stationed in Mexico pouring northward, across the southern border. Their orders will be to destroy America’s military infrastructure and seize control over entire towns and cities, executing mayors and any resistance fighters, then claiming ownership over the new “occupied” America

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