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Make-A-Wish Foundation Announces They Won’t Help All KIDS For This Unbelievable Reason

There are some things in this world that I cannot even begin to imagine and one of those is seeing your own child sick and terminally ill.

I can’t even begin to imagine the heartache that these parents must be going through seeing their precious babies suffering. One can only empathize with these families and offer support or comfort but that is about it.

This is why when there is an offering of joy to these families to experience some sort of happiness in their dark days I cannot help but want to support it.

One of those groups that help families with terminally ill children is the Make-A-Wish Fou9ndation.

These people help families provide a vacation or just simply make a child’s wish come true who has been sick and is facing death.

However, this foundation has decided that they will not help all children anymore.

In a video, the CEO of the foundation Richard Davis announced that they would only help terminally ill vaccinated children.

Davis also said that any children or family members that want to accompany the child on their wish will also need to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior.

The charity is saying that they will not ask for proof of vaccination but they will make families sign a waiver saying that they are.

In the video, Davis did not even seem to make any concessions for children who are 12-years-old and under who cannot even get the vaccine.

So, I guess they are just supposed to get it anyway but not totally sure how that will work.

I totally get that it is a charity and it is their rules on how they want to proceed, but it just doesn’t seem right to me to hold a child’s dying wish hostage for not being vaccinated.

They are children and they are already dying and they should not have to have an experimental drug put into them that can only hasten their death.

It is the family’s choice of how they want to keep them healthy and I don’t see why this would be forced on them.

I can only imagine the uncomfortable conversation between an unvaccinated child and parent now.

I pray that there can possibly be a conservative foundation started that will grant wishes but also honor the parent’s rights and allow them the freedom to choose.


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