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Will Fox viewers seriously defect to watch Greta Van Susteren’s new MSNBC show?



Are conservative Fox News viewers really going to trade in solid lineup of cable network viewing in order to head over to the liberal alphabet soup network MSNBC to watch Greta Van Susteren daily 7 p.m. show?  What would you do if you just won the World Series of presidential news coverage and a liberal network took two of your questionable “conservative” news players?  With Van Susteren at MSNBC and Megyn Kelly at NBC would you freak out or have the last laugh?

Honestly, for millions of Fox News nightly viewers there is certainly no mystery in what Fox needed to do.  Millions of viewers might say the Fox Network dodged a bullet in not re-signing Kelly and sending Van Susteren to the showers.

Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren who was shown the preverbal door in the September of 2016 has been resurrected on the one network where fake news has been taken to a whole new level.  Yet Van Susteren has pledged that she will remain “fair and balanced,” according to the Blaze.

In her Monday morning interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” the lawyer/news anchor insists that her new show “For the Record” will be about facts.  Well, considering that MSNBC has made it a habit of making up a whole liberal arsenal of facts for every occasion, one has to wonder just how reliable her “facts” will actually be.

Her former Fox show was a news leader in its 7 p.m. timeslot and according to TVNewser, was “the most-watched cable news show in the 7 p.m. timeslot.” Van Susteren’s new show will be replacing a rebroadcast of Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect.” So, without the powerhouse Fox News brand, she may be signing on to a boat that is being cast adrift in uncertain waters without an anchor.

While Greta is hopeful that the dyed-in-the-wool entrenched liberal audience of democrat sheep give her a chance, conservatives will be hard pressed to drink the viewing Kool-Aid she is offering.

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