• June 27, 2022

Will Obamacare Hammer Blow Cost Explosion to Black Voter Families Send Them to Trump?


When your child is seriously sick or your spouse is in desperate need of medical care is your first thought: why you cannot afford Hillarycare or Obamacare? It should be.   The black voting bloc that has given President Obama two election wins and stand on the political canyon edge of voting for Hillary Clinton have a crucial and life altering decision to make. Should they vote for Hillary/Obamacare medical oblivion or vote for Donald Trump to make their family medically and economically sound again?

Parents, look into your sick child’s sick eyes and ask yourself just how long can you afford to risk your house mortgage, car payment or shrinking paycheck to vote yourself into a final economic deathblow to your family’s future?  Did Obama’s false promises keep your family medically safe and secure?  An Obamacare and Hillarycare lie can never be the truth and your escalating medical bills prove it.

According to Ebony Magazine, in 2014, “Wal-Mart, the country’s largest private employer of Blacks, announced it would be cutting health insurance for about 30,000 part-time employees. Meanwhile the company planned to increase premiums for other employees. In Arkansas, Blue Cross Blue Shield planned to eliminate about 4,000 Medicare customers due to “government regulations.”   Those are hard undeniable facts.

There is no comfortable way for a family to view the shattering impact Obamacare has had on their lives. For the past several years necessary medical services and government reimbursements steadily decreased. Meanwhile, a mother or dad had to put off emergency dental work, checkups for school and even important surgeries for mom.  Was Obama there at your side helping you to pay the bill?

Last week, President Obama lowered the boom on Americans struggling to cope with the dead weight of Obamacare and reluctantly released devastating news about substantial increases in healthcare costs.  Are you voters in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and other states ready to push your families and your futures into an economic death spiral of the president’s creation which Hillary supports?

A large number of voters in Pennsylvania on the Silver Plan will see their Obamacare premiums jump: 53%, while those living in Minnesota will see premiums spike 59%.  Meanwhile Arizona voters can expect an average hike of 116% in their Obamacare premiums.  Illinois residents in the president’s home state can expect to shell out an additional 43% more for their Obamacare premiums. This is only a sample of what is in store for other Americans.

Break this down into everyday wallet costs; It means that the Obama lie that you relied upon to build a nest egg for your boy or girl’s college or trade, technical or nursing school education is gone.  The home repair or replacing the water heater, refrigerator or stove is never going to occur.  The unaffordable premiums that you paid in 2015, and 2016 will now be even more unaffordable.

Melanie Tipton, award-winning journalist, patriot leader and Executive Producer of the Christian family movie, “When Angels Weep: Rings of Faith & Fire” feels very strongly about the everyday medical tragedies that impact families all across America.  She stresses that “The harm to families in my own state of Tennessee is real and is creating tremendous hardships.” The Obamacare premiums will jump 63% in  Tennessee in 2017.”

When Angels Weep: Rings of Faith & Fire – trailer – upcoming Christian film – produced, written and edited by Melanie Tipton from Melanie Tipton on Vimeo.

The president that you voted for and the “Hope and Change” you relied upon was a sham and your family and millions of families across America are seeing their lives torn apart because of the devastating lie.

The black voter has had a very unique position in the democrat presidential election machine for decades.  Their vote was always a reliable vote.  The black mother and father who went to the Election Day polls every four years was bullied, cajoled or simply bamboozled into voting against their better interest.

No voting group, except black voters were asked to overlook the lack of safety and security of their family or ignore the slashed educational opportunities for their children who were dropping out of school or being led off to prison or laid to rest in a grave because of democrat and liberal undelivered policies and promises.

Now, Obamacare and the health killing and job devastating hammer blows that the black wage earner is feeling each week is taking a toll which even the most loyal urban voter can no longer ignore or tolerate.  Black America is seeing the reality of the righteous anger millions in America have been screaming in their local communities, states and across the nation about.

The economic death of the American Dream is real, is violently toxic and Hillary Clinton wants no salt the American soil so that nothing remains except the ashes of your family’s spirit and future.

Black liberal loyalists can spin Obamacare any way they want in order to keep the average black voter in the Democrat’s hip pocket.  But for black voters that want to combat the medical cost explosion in their wallet take your pay check stub to the voting booth and look at it one more time and then vote Trump to make your family and America Great Again.

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