• December 10, 2023

Will Schumer ‘Blue Wall’ blockade stop President Trump’s border wall funding?


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is willing to sacrifice the safety and security of Americans by erecting his own democrat blue wall of opposition to any funding for the proposed new border wall.  According to Breitbart, the sinisterly crafted senate democrat plan is to crush any border wall funding that appears in any bill regardless of what else is in the bill.  He has inherited former Senate Minority Leader Harry’s Reid’s scurrilous crown of democrat opposition.

Sen. Schumer has next to little influence in trying to successfully block or halt the new president’s very ambitious agenda to make America great and safe again, when it comes to tax reform or healthcare reform.  Yet, the president does need 60 votes to fund the actual construction of the security safety wall on America’s southern border.

President Trump does have one arrow in his administration’s quiver which could unravel the best laid plans of the often-photographed condescending facial smirk which has been Schumer’s trademark.  In order to jump the 60-vote hurdle, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell only needs to peel off at least eight but preferably 10 Democrat senators up for re-election in red states in 2018.  With the GOP 52-seat majority they can successfully end Schumer’s blue wall blockade.

Schumer, has a history of designing grand legislative schemes that turn to dust on the senate floor.  Consider his infamous 2013 “Gang of Eight” pro-amnesty deal which he championed with some support from several GOP senators.  When conservatives got wind of the deal, it was bombarded with social media, conservative talk radio and anti-illegal immigration activist, and it was reduced to political ashes.

Much like the senate minority leaders 2013 political debacle if Schumer goes ahead with his democrat blue wall of opposition, one can only imagine a fully energized President Trump going on the attack against his political obstruction. The public is already primed to rid the nation of dangerous drugs which plague the nation’s streets and neighborhoods, which are attributed to illegal drugs flowing freely across the southern border.

In fact, recent Gallup polls have concluded that huge numbers of Americans want a serious reduction in the flow of drugs, and want its representatives in Washington D.C. to tackle this immediately.  If Schumer is seen as engineering even more drugs and illegal criminals and gangs invading America’s Southern borders, he may need to kiss those 10 senators and their seats goodbye.

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