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Woman Has Headaches, Can’t Concentrate..What They Found in Her Brain is Unbelievable [VIDEO]

A student going for her PHD began to get headaches and found it hard to follow conversations.  She thought it was just that she was so tired but after trying everything and a few visits to the doctor’s office, she seemed to be getting worse.  Finally, the doctors determined she had a tumor in her brain that could be removed by making a little slight on the brain.  No one was prepared for what they found.


After one visit to yet another doctor, Yamini was finally diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors feared that the tumor might be cancerous, but what they were about to find out was a lot more startling than that.

Surgeons at the Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles were tasked to remove the tumor from Yamini’s brain. Using a technique called keyhole surgery, the surgeons were able to make a minute incision in Yamini’s brain in order to remove the tumor. As they started to remove it, however, they realized it wasn’t a cancerous tumor. Now it was a teratoma, which is also known as a embryonic twin.

That’s right, located inside Yamini’s brain was a teratoma that had bone, hair, teeth, and almost everything a regular human being would have. Luckily, surgeons were able to remove the tumor successfully. When asked about her teratoma, Yamini was just thankful that she was now healthy now that her “evil twin sister” was gone.

I don’t know about you but that story totally freaks me out.

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