• May 25, 2022

Woman: ‘I Ate My Own Twin in the Womb’


A woman was suffering great pain and went to the doctor for an examination. She had been suffering for years and the doctors found a cyst but as they tried to remove it, it ruptured.  The cyst that was wrapped around her Fallopian tubes, contained hair, teeth, brain matter, spinal fluid and human skin tissue.  The woman, Natashjja Heming, from Sydney, has said that she ate her twin.  The truth is no one really knows how it happened but that possibility has been mentioned.

Heming first went to the doctor when she was 14 because of the pain, but they were unable to find the source.  The pain worsened through her high school years, but she continued to grin and bear it.  When she reached adulthood, the pain became unbearable and on the advice of a friend, she made an appointment with a new doctor.  The new doctor had her take an ultrasound, which revealed the cyst.  She underwent surgery to eliminate the pain but when it ruptured it just caused her even more pain.

Heming said the theory that had eaten her twin in the womb intrigued her since twins do run in her family.  With the operation and other treatments, Heming will become pain free for the first time in over ten years.  Still, the possibility that she ate her twin is a bit troubling to think about.



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