• October 4, 2023

Would You Spend Your Money At Any Business With This Sign?

More and more, businesses are voicing their political opinions as they suffer the effects of overregulation and the assault on American capitalism. This sandwich shop, in Texas, put this sign on their business front and started a whole bunch of controversy.


American News: A Texas sandwich shop owner says a new sign at his business represents how most Americans feel, but some people say that it’s offensive.

Bradley Mullan owns a Richardson, Texas, Quiznos restaurant and decided to display a sign outside that expresses his frustration over the state of this country.

“We the people are angry,” reads the sign displayed proudly out in front of the sandwich shop.

“To me it seems like there’s a concerted effort to break down what’s made this country great,” said Mullan of the meaning behind the sign.

KTVT spoke with local residents who had mixed feelings about the sign. Resident Mistie Venus told the station that she didn’t actually see the sign when she pulled up but sort of agrees that everyone is angry about something.

“I didn’t see the sign when I pulled up, and I would still shop here,” said Venus. “We all have anger issues about something. I mean nothing is going to be perfect.”

Still, others vehemently disagree with the sign and believe it doesn’t represent everyone’s views.

“It seems like he’s saying ‘we the people’ like speaking for us and I don’t agree,” said resident Priscilla Ceballos.

Others offered suggestions to bring people together rather than anger them more.

“We need some people that are able to work with one another, compromise, and get this country moving again,” said resident Glenn De’cou.

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