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WSJ Editor tells reporters cover Trump objectively or hit the road now



The Wall Street Journal’s top editor tells reporters to not join mainstream media circus and to maintain objective journalistic standards or else, reported the New York Times.  On Monday, Wall Street Journal editor in chief Gerard Baker lowered the boom on his newspaper reporters who wanted to adopt a confrontational opposition tone toward covering President Donald Trump.  This is an apparent line in the sand for readers as well as Americans who have grown tired of daily liberal media warfare geared to marginalize objective coverage.

Editor Baker firmly believes that objectivity in newspapers as well as over all media is sacred and should not be compromised or entangled in fake news or unsourced stories that masquerade as serious news. He even emphasized that media outlets like The New York Times have abandoned fair reporting standards and objectivity.

The focus of liberal opinionated news pieces and stories has reached a near fever pitch since the president was sworn into office. Inside the newspaper some reporters have voiced concerns that the WSJ has been “neutral to the point of being absurd,” reported the New York Times.  For liberal reporters who came of age during the Obama years, fawning coverage of the former president was openly displayed in nearly every national, regional or local news outlet or newspaper.

Wall Street Journal readers much like Fox News network viewers were able to read or view news that was fair, balanced, factual, objective and not riddled with caustic, demeaning biased conclusions.  At the Journal the editor in chief distributed a memo which instructed staff reporters to stifle their use  of “loaded” language in coverage of Trump’s immigration ban, according to the Daily Caller.

For liberals in the media the very idea of being told to keep your subjective vitriol to yourself is like saying you can’t keep bullying an innocent kid in the school yard fight were  previously you lunched, lied and unmercifully beat the target into submission. Some of the Journal reporters began to leak out their growing displeasure at being handcuffed to tell the objective truth, which led to the Monday town hall style meeting at the newspaper.

Journal editor in chief Baker did not back down from his directive to the reporters to be objective in their covered.  He stated, “We can’t allow ourselves to be dragged into the political process, to be a protagonist in the political fight,” reported the New York Times. He stressed that with Americans already distrusting the news media it would be absurd to add fuel to the fire and increase the public’s distrust.

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