WV Overrides Democratic Governor to Grant Permitless Carry


If you live in West Virginia and you want to carry your gun with you, thank the republicans.  The democratic governor, Earl Ray Tomblin, had vetoed the bill originally but both the House and the Senate both voted to override the veto.  House Bill 4145 will now become law in 90 days.  It will allow anyone 21 years of age or older, who is not barred from owning a gun can legally go out with their favorite pistol at their side.  They however will need to get a permit to do so until they turn 21.  People ages 18 to 20 can conceal carry their gun.

When he vetoed the bill, Gov Tomblin issued the following statement as an explanation for his veto:

 West Virginia’s law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe and helping us in times of need, and it’s disheartening that the members of the Legislature have chosen not to stand with these brave men and women – putting their safety and the safety of West Virginians at risk. It’s unfortunate that the concerns of officers from every law enforcement branch in the state, including the West Virginia State Police and university campus police officers, have been ignored by today’s action.

The republicans however, felt that gun permits was a troublesome weight on the Second Amendment and decided to vote to override the veto.  The legislature wasted no time overriding the veto, finishing up in less than a week after the veto was applied to the bill.

The Second Amendment is alive and well in West Virginia.

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