Yahoo Gets ROASTED On Twitter After Posting RACIST Tweet About The US Navy

Yahoo Finance has gotten off to a rough start in 2017


Is this a Freudian slip from the liberals at Yahoo Finance? It is true, liberals and Democrats are so race obsessed that it tends to take over their mentality. Their latest blunder is causing them to get absolutely roasted!

It all started when the news site decided to share a story on Twitter about President-Elect Donald Trump’s intention to build up the United States Navy. Keep in mind, snowflakes like the writers at Yahoo are often the ones who criticize Trump for Tweeting. Perhaps they should listen to their own advice. Someone at Yahoo Finance Tweeted the link but made one MASSIVE mistake that went unnoticed when they submitted.

Take a look:

The Tweet was live for about 20 minutes until they realized their error and took it down.

It was simply a typo, right? Twitter is not letting it go!

Ouch! Perhaps they will invest a little more time in the editing phase from now on, or at least pay someone to check for mistakes before Twitter finds them!

Can you imagine what would have happened if Donald Trump had made that mistake on Twitter?



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