• October 1, 2022

You Are NOT Gonna BELIEVE The Plans For Bernie’s Grand Entrance To His California Rallies

If he pulls this off, it will be more spectacular than anything Trump has done so far!

Bernie Sanders is reportedly considering skydiving into one of his California rallies.

The president of a skydiving company in Cloverdale, Calif., said that several Sanders staffers contacted him about their 74-year-old boss making a grand entrance into his rally Friday.

“I’ve been told they will run the idea by Bernie,” Jimmy Halliday told the Press Democrat. “I can’t confirm that’s the plan. I know that’s a possibility.”

Halliday said that a member of the campaign visited his facility Wednesday and did a tandem jump.

“If he feels like going skydiving, I will personally take him,” Halliday added.


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