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You Have to See The Hilarious Way This Cat Wakes His Owner Up Everyday at 5AM [VIDEO]

If you have a pet, then there is a good chance that you’re used to extra sounds in your household. You eventually get used to a dog’s presence as you occasionally hear them get up and pitter patter on the hardwood floors. And if you’re somewhat unlucky, you may have a dog that keeps you up all night because of his overly loud snores. If you have a bird, then you hear an occasional squawk or chit chat coming from the birdcage, or it may be far more often than you thought and you’ve gotten so used to it that it no longer phases you. Even guinea pigs and hamsters have their noisy little quirks…like that sound of the water bottle hitting the cage bars when they take a sip of water or the sound of the hamster wheel banging up against the cage while it runs miles at night.


There are also those things that creative cats get themselves into. Cats love getting into things…whether it’s unraveling a ball of yarn and having fun for hours, or pawing at your brand new carpet. Cats are interesting creatures and they are known for their personalities and sometimes stubborn ways. Like how a cat can sit there across a room staring at you, and you say, “Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” to bring the cat to your side, and the cat will give a look like he’s saying, “Ahhh go to hell!”

One cat has recently made social media headlines as he has become famous for being his owner’s alarm clock. It all comes down to the fact that “Boo the cat,” cannot stand to be alone, and he longs for the moment every morning when he can wake up his dad. While Boo usually sleeps outside his dad’s bedroom, that doesn’t stop him from being clever and agile and reaching under the closed door to the bedroom. Every morning at promptly 5:00am, Boo reaches under the door and manages to grab hold of the door stop that is attached to the other side of the door. Once he releases the stop from his grip, it’s springs and lets out a loud noise that is certainly enough to wake most people up.

Boo is doing a few things here…he is proving a point that his owner technically cannot keep him completely out of his room and that he should just let him in…if he knows what is good for his sleep needs. But, how does Boo know when it is 5:00am? That we don’t know, but pets can be pretty good about slipping into routines and sensing when certain activities are done every day. It’s the same reason why dogs put their snouts in their owner’s face at the same time every morning. They are ready to go out for a bathroom break or they are ready to eat and start the day.

Commenters who were cat owners could relate to Boo’s ways…

“I had a cat that would do this anytime I shut a door with him on the other side. It was his protest for me to let him in.”

“Too funny we had cats throughout my childhood that would always play with those door stops.”

“Hahahaha!!! And this is the reason I don’t own a cat!”

Cats learn differently from other animals, and it’s fascinating. When they set out to do a task, and they get what they wanted, a cat will learn that the only way he will get that very same thing in the future is if he does exactly what he did before. This happens even if he gets something without setting out to get it, like if a cat sat on your newspaper and you then put down a bowl of food right in front of him, he may learn that sitting down on that newspaper got him food, so the next day he will again sit down on your newspaper just to test out that theory. And if it works again a cat will probably do the same thing from now on.


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