You Might Expect This At A Wal-Mart…

We all know what strange things we see at our local Wal-Mart stores, but it seems that chain doesn’t have a lock on weird stuff. Recently, shoppers at a Wilkinson’s big box store were shocked when a man entered the store on Sunday morning and horrifically mutilated himself with a tool he’d picked up from a shelf.

According to witnesses the man, who’s identity has not been released, seemed to be acting a little strange. One man said the subject entered the store and went to the electrical department where he found what he was looking for, a large pair of bolt cutters. The man then removed his shoe and sock and proceeded to chop off his big toe.


But as if that was not strange enough, then man then stood up and started to eat the appendage in front of a crowd of horrified shoppers. “It was totally bizarre,” said one witness, “he just stood there chewing on the toe like it was a perfectly normal, meanwhile he was standing in a large pool of his own blood.”

A police spokesperson said a bystander dialed 999 to report the incident. When officers arrived at the scene, they found the man still standing there chewing on the digit and he was subdued and transported to a nearby hospital by emergency services. The subject was treated for his injury and was then transferred to the mental health wing where he will undergo psychiatric evaluation.

While the store remained open during the confusion, police did close off the aisle until a forensics team and a hazardous waste containment unit could arrive.

A police spokesman said: “Emergency services were called to a shop in Haymarket, Sheffield, at around 11.10am on Sunday following reports of concern for a man inside the premises. Upon officer arrival, the man was taken to the hospital with injuries to his foot, where he remains. There are not believed to be any other parties involved. The incident is not being investigated as a crime.”

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