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You Will Be Disgusted By What This 7 Year Old Boy Has In His Mouth [VIDEO]

In the latest new low on television, brought to us by Fox Broadcasting, is a 7 year old boy with a sex toy in his mouth.  BTW, did I mention he is transgender?  It’s things like this that makes me glad I gave up cable for Amazon Prime and Netflix.



A new show, being billed as a comedy by Fox Broadcasting, demonstrated just how low Hollywood will sink to push its agenda on Americans — and it’s pretty low.

The show, called “The Mick,” is billed as a comedy that gives new meaning to the phrase “dysfunctional family.” They’re not kidding. The show is about a grifter, Mackenzie, or Mick, who ends up having to look after her affluent nieces and nephews after her sister flees the country to evade federal fraud charges.

One of the children is a 7-year-old boy, Ben, who appeared to be transgender.

In a clip he is seen wearing a dress, saying it “kind of breezes on my vagina.”

The boy is also in a scene wearing a bondage gag after he burned his tongue while licking a hot grill in a restaurant for $1,000 from his teenage brother.

In another scene, the show praised Planned Parenthood, one of the left’s favorite organizations.

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