• June 20, 2024

Young Black Conservative Woman Issues Blistering Takedown of George Takei, Other ‘Leftist Racists’

On the heels of actor George Takei’s inflammatory statements about black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a young black conservative woman got in front of a cellphone video camera and gave it right back to Takei and liberals in general.

After explaining how she got to meet “a lot of leftist racists” who agreed with Takei and even said Thomas wasn’t entitled to views that strayed from liberalism, she really threw down.

“You know what? It takes a certain kind of racist to decide that black people can’t have their own opinion,” she said.

“I’m allowed to have conservative opinions,” she continued. “I’m allowed to believe that gay marriage is wrong. I’m allowed to believe that abortion is not OK.”

She added that the “problem with the left” is that “they think that they own African Americans. They think that they own our thoughts and that is not true.”

“These liberals need to check their privilege” regarding what they assume about black Americans, she added.

It isn’t clear if the video was recorded before or after Takei’s apology.

(Content warning: She uses the N-word once and another racial slur once repeating quotes):



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