Only Kids Could Come Up With These Answers. Take A Minute And Appreciate Their Wisdom!

Sometimes, I think spending time with kids at their tender ages is the best way to remind yourself you need to slow the world down, just for a moment, and look at it through the eyes of a child.

Enjoy these great witticisms from Baklol:

1.Difference Between 8 And 6
Let’s begin this list with this hilarious picture. The kid here brilliantly trolled a teacher with that funny answer. So, what’s the difference between eight and six? NOT two! The difference between the two is that 8 is all curled up, while 6 is not; says this brilliant kid! He or she knows the answer. They just want to show the cooler side of them to their teacher!


Difference Between 8 and 6

2.Solids, Liquids And Dad’s Gases
Kids are cute! Check this picture and you will know why. The kid drew a hilarious picture of his or her dad there. This kid is highly creative and has a good sense of humor. The answer may be wrong, but the kid deserves a strong appreciation. You won’t believe it, but often creative kids like these grow up to become billionaires!
Solids, Liquids and Dad's Gases


3.This Kid Who Didn’t Forget His Birth

We all remember our birthdays. We know where we have born, and we even know our birth time. Well, none of us remember seeing our mom or doctors on the day we were born. This cute kid remembers everything. The kid even remembers saying hi to his or her mom. Now that’s some good creativity up for display.


4.You Like What?
Going by the sentence structure, we can easily tell that a small kid wrote this. Someone in the family might have taught this to the kid! As you can see, the teacher was clearly surprised there. It’s funny when children write stuff like this, but parents or elders should make sure their kids aren’t learning anything inappropriate.
You Like What?


5.A Proud American
Have you ever written your country name like this before? Meet and greet this little girl who has written the name of her country AMERICA in a beautiful way. She could have simply used a pen or pencil to do that, but she had other ideas. It’s good that kids are taught patriotism right from their childhood.
A Proud American


6.This Kid Who Got The 9th Answer Right

His or her teacher may not count the 9th answer right, but we got to appreciate the kid’s honesty and timeliness. As a parent, you need to make sure your kid is thinking right. You need to make sure your kid is not anxious, or not afraid of things. The biggest gift you can ever give to your kid is the way you mold their brains to think in a right and positive way.

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