• October 1, 2022

15 Yr Old Girl Caught With 25 Boys In A High School Restroom

The public school system in America is a joke, it is basically a hook up cess pool. There are no morals, and kids these days are getting worse. A story coming out of a school in Ft. Meyers Fl is disgusting, it will make you want to pull your kids out of the public school system and homeschool.

From IJReview:

The incident occurred inside of their high school, causing area parents to react with shock and disbelief.

Groups of male students were caught on surveillance camera heading into a bathroom at South Fort Myers High School in Fort Myers, Florida.

That’s where the sex acts are said to have taken place, which included as many as 25 male students.

The unnamed teenager spoke to the principal, and reportedly told him that she “had sex with a number of the boys” while others locked the door behind them and filmed the entire ordeal.

Even worse? The video of the acts went out to students throughout the school, thanks to social media app Snapchat.

“Shock. Disbelief. Concern. Sad,” he said.

“It’s our job to protect our children and to teach them right from wrong.”

“Somebody should have been notified or been aware of what was going on.”


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