• October 1, 2023

A Georgia Man Was Exonerated Of His Crimes 29 Years After Sentence, The First Thing He Did Was Exactly What I Would Have

ATLANTA — A Georgia man who spent 29 years of his life in prison is suing the state of Georgia.

Timothy Johnson was 22 when he was arrested and charged with capital murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault in connection with the death of a convenience store clerk. Johnson proclaimed his innocence, but said he was coerced into admitting guilt.

“They were saying they were going to kill me; they called it the death penalty,” Johnson said.

In the suit filed Nov. 9, Johnson’s attorney’s detail abuse that they say led to a confession. Johnson was placed in solitary confinement shortly after his arrest and then says he was dangled from a bridge.

“Several of the unknown officers grabbed Johnson and dangled him over the bridge, yelling at Johnson to sign the confession or else he would be dropped off the bridge’s edge. These actions, upon information and belief, were taken pursuant to a policy and/or custom of the City of Warner Robins. Fearing for his life and the fate of his family members, Johnson pled guilty to armed robbery and murder on December 11, 1987, in exchange for the death penalty.”

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