• December 6, 2023

A Mother’s Epic Response To School Board Lunacy

Do I have to belabor this topic more than needs be? I am so disillusioned with  the policy makers trying to make everyone happy at the expense of the american people. The school does not want to hurt the feelings of atheists and muslims , but we can anger the great percentage of americans who’s sons, daughters, fathers , uncles, grandfathers all the way down the line gave so much to live in this country. We can’t honor them for a moment of time before class? We are supposed to be a melting pot, not a country of multiculturalism. That is not what made the country special. This mother put it on the line, and I’m sure there will be a reckoning sooner than later.

According to RightWing News:


Proud Americans pledge allegiance every day in all kinds of situations. We should teach school children that it is a privilege and an honor to pledge loyalty to our beautiful flag. Even if some opt out, our freedom, paid for with the spilled blood of patriots, deserves our allegiance. We pledge allegiance to the flag and we do it without shame.


These school administrators had better start listening to the students parents. They are getting more angry by the minute, and if they want to keep their cushy little jobs on the school board, they had better wake up.what is to be the bottom line in this saga? What do you think?


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