• October 1, 2023

Americans Unload on the Obama Administration

Americans Unload on the Obama Administration
Americans Unload on the Obama Administration

While the world continues to witness Islamic terrorist attacks in France, beginning with gunmen who forced their way into the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris eighteen months ago, and the latest, when a 84-year old Catholic priest was beheaded by ISIS murderers near Normandy, Americans have finally had enough with Obama and his administration.

Once Americans found out that one of the two ISIS terrorists who stormed the church to behead the French priest, was not only a convicted terrorist, but was released to live with his parents with an electronic tag and allowed him to roam free in the mornings, Americans began to let Obama and his administration know how they feel about the growing ISIS threats.

Tweets obtained by the Independent Journal Review revealed that one area that upset many had to do with Secretary of State Kerry’s comments that equated air conditioning refrigerants being as dangerous as the ISIS terrorists are.

One tweet stated, “At least the 84 yr old priest in #Normandy didn’t have air conditioning! Right, @JohnKerry??? #Resign or be #Impeached.”

Another twitter user said, “Hi @JohnKerry I would just like to point out that a central air unit is not what just stormed a church in #Normandy and beheaded a priest.”

Kyle Becker of the Independent Journal Review said, “The scourge of ISIS has metastasized largely on President Obama’s watch and under the foreign policy stewardship of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But with each new ISIS attack comes a fresh reminder of foreign policy bungles, broken promises to “destroy” ISIS, counter-terrorism misfires, and a growing pile of dead bodies that bear testimony to the administration’s lack of action.”

“Any incoming president, are being served notice: Deal with these terror threats or face the wrath of an increasingly frustrated and impatient populace.”


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