• December 6, 2023

Amy Schumer’s Autobiography Sales Are Dismal , Her Publishers Are Dissapointed

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If you are looking for a good book to read, why don’t you pick up the autobiography of Amy Schumer? I’m just kidding! This book is a complete dud. Amy Schumer may be a dynamic comedian in some people’s eyes, but she makes her living on making fun of conservatives, and calling anyone that supports the 2nd amendment an idiot…

From The Daily Caller:

Amy Schumer’s book “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo” was a huge disappointment during its first week in stores.

Though the publisher Simon & Schuster paid Schumer $9 million to pen the memoir, it only sold 36,000 hardcover copies in its first week, a new report claims.

“The publishers are hugely disappointed,” an industry insider told Page Six’s Richard Johnson this week. “They are going to lose a ton of money.”

Only 36,000 copies? That is horrible, but can we really be surprised? The ultra liberal has some crazy ideas.

From Newsbusters:

Schumer, like most celebrities, sees no problem with violence within the womb, as long as it’s not with a gun. For example her comedy routines are filled with flippant jokes about abortion (her immediate response upon hearing a friend is pregnant is to ask if she needs “a ride” to Planned Parenthood) or her dishonest parody ad which makes it seem as if birth control was harder to buy than a gun in this country. (It’s not.)

She appeared in a Saturday Night Live skit that mocked Americans as being obsessed with guns. All three broadcast networks promoted it, just like they cheered the comedian’s “emotional plea” for gun control after a shooting in Louisiana last August.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota praised Schumer for “sticking to her promise” to “push for more gun control” and reporter Michaela Pereira cheered, “I feel like she’s not going to take her foot off the accelerator, either.”

To add more liberal talking points, during the same SNL episode, Schumer commented that she was “discouraged” by the audience’s lack of excitement over her meeting Hillary Clinton.

Beyond her pushy politics, Schumer’s “comedy” routines are filled with extremely vulgar and crass jokes, which seem to defy the amount of praise she received from the mainstream media in 2015. Like when she accepted an award from Glamour Magazine, boasting, “I can catch a dick whenever I want.”  Somehow those comments don’t make it on the network news.

Why do these libs think that bashing conservatives is the way to go? All I hear from them is blah blah blah…Give some legit feedback Amy.

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