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An Inside Peek at Inauguration Day

It seems that inauguration day will be very informative. We will gain insight to what Trump will do for America as soon as the festivities are over.


Inauguration speech writer Stephen Miller, says will find out how Trump will run the country.

Politico reports:

“Early discussions of the address have focused on laying out some of the structural problems facing the country, and then framing Trump’s first-term agenda in more nationalistic than ideological terms. Among the half-dozen areas that Trump is considering issuing a collective call to arms to address are the nation’s education system, infrastructure, border security, the state of the military and the economy, in particular, the outsourcing of jobs.

The choice of Miller, the 31-year-old who wrote most of Trump’s major prepared speeches in 2016, including his Republican national convention address that was criticized as overly dark, is of no surprise to Trump insiders. Miller played an unusually multi-faceted role on the campaign: a behind-the-scenes policy adviser, Trump’s chief speechwriter and a speech-giver himself, becoming a skinny-tie-wearing fixture over the summer at Trump rallies as a warm-up act.”

Trump himself will have a hand in the speech writing process, of course.

“Christopher Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax Media and a friend of Trump’s, said that Trump will be “the most impromptu president anyone ever can remember. I think that this speech would be an opportunity to share not just his ideas but his style and his approach.”

“I have heard that they want this inaugural to be different and reflect the fact that he would be the first citizen president,” said Ruddy, who had dinner with Trump this past week in Florida.”

inaugWhile Trump stresses unity, he will hold nothing back in his address. He will tell of what has to be done without icing the cake. We expect nothing less from a Trump administration after watching his campaign rallies. Trump supporters will see the man they have come accustomed to, while those who do not know as much about seeing Trump in action will be pleasantly surprised.

The new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will get the keys to the White House and the keys to a brand new Cadillac, presidential vehicle. A picture here reveals the car in camouflage.

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