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Are Black People Carrying Guns Public Enemy No. 1?

So claims Charles Gallagher, a sociologist at La Salle University.  From CNN:

“Whites walking down Main Street with an AK-47 are defenders of American values; a black man doing the same thing is Public Enemy No. 1,” says Gallagher, a professor at La Salle University in Pennsylvania.

Are Black People Carrying Guns Public Enemy
Are Black People Carrying Guns Public Enemy

Fortunately, we know that Charles Gallagher is wrong.

See the picture above?  It was taken in August of this year.   The article reports that members of the gun cub went to a restaurant and ate while openly carrying their guns… next to a group of police officers.   Nothing happened.

Not exactly what you would expect if a group of public enemies no. 1 sat down in a restaurant with a group of police officers.

To give CNN some credit, Gallagher does not say that white people buy guns because of overt racism.   He says it is because of a cultural stereotype.

Gallagher says he’s not accusing every white person who buys a gun of being a racist; he’s accusing them of being human, of unconsciously absorbing stereotypical attitudes about black men and violence that are as old as America itself.

This, in spite of massive collusion in the old media to downplay black participation in crime, decades old pressure in the entertainment media *not* to portray black people as criminals, and the strong overportraying of white men in movies as the most common violent criminals.  From the AP stylebook:

 A few sensible rules should guide our decisions concerning references to race: (1) Racial identification should not be included in any story unless such reference is clearly relevant to the story or when part of a detailed description of a fugitive.

The downplay of black predominance in crime is so great, that most people in urban areas now assume that if the race of the perpetrator is not mentioned, they are black.  It is an open joke.    The AP attempt to prevent a stereotype, has become emblematic of the social engineering by the old media.   It has had some effect, but reality overrides it.

Open carry groups in Texas are found all over the state.  Open carry is virtually synonymous with strong, symbolic, protected political speech.  Such is the case with Black gun clubs in Texas or mostly white open carry parades in rural Colorado.

Colorado Open Carry Celebration March
Colorado Open Carry Celebration March


Open carry is becoming more and more accepted as a way of expressing first and second amendment rights.

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Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

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