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Army Officer Notices Man Dressed Fraudulently as U.S. Marine, Confronts Him [VIDEO]

Everyone in America looks upon our men and women in military service with pride. We know that risking our lives to protect the freedom our forefathers fought for is a privilege and an honor. But if someone pretends to be a high-ranking member of the U.S. military for show our emotions rightfully run high. There are some fraudulent people out there tricking people into thinking he or she earned the uniform. But in fact they are stealing valor.  This might not seem like all that big a deal to he average person, but there is a special bond that is felt among those who have fought in combat and helped save lives in war.


On a flight from New Mexico to Kansas back in September 2015, an unidentified Army Lieutenant noticed a man in a United States Marine Corps uniform – but something didn’t look right. The army officer and his wife snapped a photo of the Marine Corps veteran and analyzed it throughout their hours-long flight. When the plane landed in Kansas, the army officer was compelled to confront the man and learn the truth.

When he did they filmed it and we catch a fraud in the disgusting act of stealing a Marine’s valor…

The army officer and his wife approached the fake Marine when the plane landed in Kansas. While his wife holds the camera, the officer approaches the fraud and begins asking him questions.

When approached, the man in the Marine uniform doesn’t pretend he is a member of the U.S. Marines or a veteran. He just admits he is making it up.

His excuse for invalidating the lives of the U.S. military? “I went to a wedding.”

The man donned a Marine uniform to impress the guests at the wedding – and he continued to wear the uniform on the plane and on his way home.

“You’re working a rank that doesn’t matter [to you],” the woman responds.

The Army officer who confronted the fraud knew a thing or two about military service. He had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times.

Because he knew people who lost their lives fighting in war, this man’s action made him even more angry – stealing a Marine’s valor is no joke.

Watch the video below to see the confrontation in action!

“Do you know you’re in violation of stolen valor act?”

This is what the Stolen Valor YouTube channel wrote in the description: “This was filmed by an Army Officer, and his wife Michelle. He noticed a guy that seemed out of place in a Marine Corps uniform. His wife posted a photo to our FB page and asked if he looked out of place, he threw up a lot of red flags. They confronted him, and he admitted he was a fake. He said he was attending a wedding.”

Here is what some people said about the clip:

“He just trying to get some some action at the wedding.”

“I understand that this may offend people that believe this type of apparel is only meant for a proven military officer, but then you should get mad at the people that are selling it, as well as our government for allowing such a meaningful outfit to be worn by anybody that can afford it.”

You would think with the Internet that this dope would have at least put the effort in to lookup what types of medals Marine’s of the rank he was faking could achieve.  Not only was the guy a scumbag for Stolen Valor, but a lazy one to boot.


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