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Army Veteran Faces 6 Months in Prison and You’ll Never Guess Why

People are protesting charges against Robert Rosebrock, 74, and are inundating the DOJ and Jeffrey Sessions to get the charges dropped that could see him spend six months in prison.  Rosebrock has protested the VA’s treatment of homeless veterans every Sunday since 2008.  Charges were filed against Rosebrock by the Obama administration.  That’s the only thing that makes his story so believable.


So what was his crime?  He hung two small American flags from a lamppost outside a Veteran’s Affair Facility in Los Angeles.  He is also accused of taking unauthorized pictures of some of the staffers at the facility.  Now, if this seems silly to you, remember it is California and Obama is responsible, so of course it’s silly.


From The Mail Online:

A 1973 VA edict states that individuals may only place materials on VA property with permission.

Rosebrock served in the Army from 1965 to 1967  and has protested the VA’s treatment of homeless vets every Sunday since March 2008.

He and other veterans began to attract some controversy when they started hanging the flag upside-down in 2009, but stopped doing so in 2010, a representative for Rosebrock said. 

The charges were filed under the Obama Administration and Rosebrock’s legal counsel hopes the Trump administration, and in particular attorney general Jeff Sessions, will see his actions differently.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Fox: ‘Frankly, President Trump should ask why the VA and his Justice Department are trying to jail this American patriot.’ 



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