• May 18, 2022

[Audio] Mark Levin Wipes The Floor With Liberal Caller


On Wednesday night, a liberal called the Mark Levin Show and accused Levin of  “lazy thinking” and “rewriting” the Constitution in his book, The Liberty Amendments.  It soon became apparent that he was a liberal because he had no knowledge of the constitution and Levin ripped him apart over the 5th Amendment.

From The Conservative Review:

The Left claims to support the Constitution while chipping away at the principles embodied in it. “They reject what’s in the Declaration of Independence. They have bastardized the Constitution of the United States,” Levin explained.

And the Republican party is “way over its head” in dealing with the Left. But for conservatives, the choice in this election is clear.

“If you’re far-sighted and concerned about the country, it’s not hard to figure out the greater danger, to having a very flawed … individual who lacks political principle and so forth versus a hardcore, steely-eyed ideological Alinskyite who wants to continue to impose on us, and enshrine forever, a kind of government over our civil society that we cannot come out from under of!”

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