Backlash At The Bakery: What This Employee Said About Cops Is Causing A Stir



A cookie bakery in Fargo, North Dakota is facing a wave of bad PR and social media criticism after a worker at the bakery called her one woman’s police officer boyfriend a “pig.”



Elizabeth Nelson says she stopped by Insomnia Cookies back in April last year to meet up with her boyfriend.

However, when her boyfriend pulled his police vehicle up against the curb across the street, a female employee looked up, saw the car and said something to the effect of, “Oh, the little pigs just pulled up.”

Nelson explained why she was upset in an interview: “To just say it out loud so disdainful, it’s totally hurtful.”

According to Nelson, she told the bakery employee that the cop was her boyfriend and that her comment was rude. The employee apologized, but the woman left anyway.

Nelson posted about her negative experience at the bakery later on Facebook, and the post went viral in only a few hours. She upset girlfriend also notes she sent an email to the bakery’s corporate headquarters.

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Chief Marketing Officer Megan Bruton released a statement in response to Nelson, saying that Insomnia Cookies was made aware of the “unfortunate situation” and had made an apology to Nelson.

“We as a company do not condone this type of speech or behavior from our team members, nor does it reflect Insomnia Cookies’ thoughts or sentiments,” the statement noted. “We have great respect for our men and women of law enforcement and the job they do to protect us.”

However, Bruton noted that she could not comment regarding any action taken against the employee because it’s a private personnel matter. She could say that all team members at that location will receive additional customer service training and support.

Nelson is apparently a tough woman to please. She wants Insomnia Cookies to do more than put out a “cliche response.” Nelson went so far as to suggest the bakery could ask workers to ride along with Fargo police officers to get some actual experience in what they do.


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