• July 3, 2022

Beheaded Body of Man Found by Son

A coroner’s official confirmed that the headless body found, was that of a 75 year old man, Robert Hollis.

Hollis had walked the courtyard of the Villa Glen apartment complex in Inglewood, California with a decorative cane because he was blind.

The victim was discovered by his son, beheaded, when he went to check on him after friends and family had not been able to contact him.beheading-3

Lt. David Smith of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office said that the head of Hollis was not with the body when it arrived at the coroner’s office.

Hollis was described as a man with a smile as big as his heart. “You’d see him sitting right here on Sunday waiting for a ride to church, always smiling, just a genuine good guy.” said neighbor Sahir Champion.

Even though he was legally blind, Hollis did artwork. He posted flashy pinstripes on the exterior of cars on Facebook related a neighbor Doris Smith, 45.

“He was a real astute man, a true artist known for his gold leafy designs on lowriders.” said Smith who lived one apartment down from Hollis.

Kevin Deane, another resident who lived on the floor above Hollis, said Hollis dabbed in music and had given him an instrument that was a cross between a keyboard and an accordion.

Deane said this decapitation was like a bad horror movie.

No details about the investigation have been released and no confirmation of a cause of death as been determined.

I’d say that having your head cut off must have had something to do with the cause of death. My thought is also that beheadings are becoming all too common in America. Could terrorism have been a motive?

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