Biden CHICKENS OUT! He Has Cancelled!

We all have had to cancel something at one time or another. I know there are a lot of people that have cancelled doctor’s visits this year for not wanting to be around sick people during a pandemic. Anyway, it’s all perfectly well and good to change plans.

Especially if you are on your own. I have taken train trips across the country were halfway through the trip  I decided I would rather fly and booked a return ticket. Again, it was just me that had to worry about my own security.

Joe Biden on the other hand has everyone in the country with a dark suit, a gun and an earpiece watching out for him…yet somehow he decides to cancel out on something that he was supposed to do as a run of the mill thing.

Joe Biden has canceled his Amtrak train trip to Washington, D.C. for Inauguration Day on January 20 over concerns about security. His decision is a reflection of the left’s growing fear of potential threats in the Capitol after the chaos that ensued after Trump supporters stormed the building on January 6.

While completely ignoring the riots and violence perpetrated by left-wing agitators throughout most of 2020, the left has decided to take advantage of the first violent action taken by a group of Trump supporters in order to slander President Trump and conservatives in general. Through this, they are now ramping up security in Washington, D.C. and blaming it on the president.

The FBI has warned of possible plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals, and in Washington, D.C., leading up to the inauguration. President Trump has already made an emergency declaration in order to increase police and military presence in the nation’s capital.

The news of Biden’s decision not to take his usual train trip to Washington, D.C. was shared with The Associated Press by a person briefed on the decision, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

It was likely not an easy decision for Biden, who has become well-known for his preference for riding the train.

Fox 5 reported on the former vice president’s long history of loving train rides:

“Biden’s preference for riding the train during his 36-year Senate career was such a central part of his public persona that he rode Amtrak home on his final day as vice president, and he used a train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania during the presidential campaign as part of an effort to appeal to blue-collar workers.

Biden became known for riding the train starting from his very earliest days in the Senate, when he made a point to return home nearly every night to help raise his young sons after his wife and young daughter died in a car accident in 1972. His embrace of Amtrak — and the friends he made among the train conductors and staff as a regular — was featured in a short film that aired during the Democratic National Convention last August.”

The change in travel plans is reportedly not the only security-related development surrounding Inauguration Day.

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