It Happened…One State Has Gone Nuts And DEFUNDED THE POLICE!

It used to be, and not that long ago that you would want a cop to be near you if you could have it. The reason being is that they were usually the most level headed people that you could find.

You have to be to have that kind of job. We ask so much of them on a daily basis that the idea that we would want to keep this proud institution from doing its job is absolutely mind-numbing.

However, in liberal cities all over the country, they are going out of their way to make the police forces so small that they couldn’t write a parking ticket if they wanted to.

If you can leave Illinois you should. Police will not be able to do their job. Money will be removed, police can be sued and ruined, officers will be encouraged to retire and there will be no new hires. There won’t be much to stop law breakers.

January 13 the House passed a huge criminal justice reform bill 50-60. Governor Pritzker will probably sign it. He can hide in his ivory tower. It went through the Senate overnight.

“Qualified immunity” will be gone. People are going to resist arrest. They don’t want to be told no, they can’t do something. Qualified immunity protects officers. Without it, law enforcement will be reactive and cautious.

Energy Police Chief Shawn Ladd explains: “If the governor signs this legislation, and I have no reason to believe he won’t, law enforcement as we know it comes to an end. Safety and justice lose and criminals win. No cash bail will essentially equate to a catch and release scenario for many crimes. Even more troubling is the loss of “qualified immunity” for police officers. Simply put, the majority of states and courts have long recognized that in the lawful performance of their duty, officers are often confronted with suspects who resist arrest. This inevitably leads to use of force to some degree. Qualified immunity protects officers from personal civil liability in these instances.

“Suspects can bring suit against the employing agency but not the officer individually (personal assets vs. insurance coverage). This is a devastating provision that will turn proactive officers into cautionary, reactive officers. It will instigate a mass exodus of veteran officers opting for early retirement or outright career changes and dissuade quality candidates from ever pursuing the career. In my 30+ years as a police officer, I have never encountered more troubling news. If this bill is signed into law, the decent, law abiding citizens of this state will suffer immensely.”

No cash bail will be in effect so it will be catch and release. The definition of insanity will be going after the same criminal more than once. Why bother?
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