• May 27, 2024

Billboards Erected By “Actual Muslims” Wins Praise


A new billboard message has been placed at near Interstate 10 and 67th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona and signed by “Actual Muslims.”  It is earning praise in many quarters and 11 cities have now requested that they too have the same billboard erected in their cities.  The message is blunt and to the point:

From The Blaze:

The Chicago-based Sound Vision Foundation, an Islamic multimedia public-relations organization and non-profit, is behind the black and white, chalkboard-style billboard. The group first put up a similar sign on a highway leading toward the Chicago O’Harre International Airport.

The billboard has received such an “overwhelming” response that 11 cities have requested the sign be installed in their area, according to Sound Vision executive director Mohammad Siddiqi.

“Behind this billboard are the common people,” Siddiqi said. “This is our declaration of independence against ISIS. It’s as simple as that.”

Siddiqi said the sign was first thought up by young Muslim-American professionals in Chicago who were chatting on WhatsApp, a mobile messaging service, about a campaign to simultaneously combat Islamophobia and radical Islam.

For people interested in bringing the billboard to their cities, they can raise money and contact Sound Vision, which will work with local billboard companies, provide the design and work with media on the campaign, according to the organization’s website.

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